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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Should You Sell Your House in the Desert During The Holidays?

roomWhether you’re live in the Desert year-round or just during the winter, you know we are now “In Season” in the Desert. That means more people are here in the Desert. So even if it’s the Holidays and there are many festivities; you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to sell your home!!

Time Out for Busy Schedules

For some, the holiday season is meant to relax, but for others, it means a tight schedule. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining through the first week of the year, it may be a good idea to hold off on selling your home. Likewise, if your home isn’t staged and prepped for an open house or buyer walkthrough, it’s okay to focus on family and place your sale on hold temporarily. However, there are some advantages if you do choose to keep your home on the market.

Less Competition

Plenty of other sellers have the same idea; taking their homes off the list during the holidays. They may believe that there’s less likelihood of a sale, or they may simply not want to juggle a home sale and a busy schedule. Either way, it works to your advantage. With fewer homes on the market, there’s less to distract potential buyers.

Serious Buyers

Because the holidays are a busy time, buyers looking for homes during this season are typically more motivated than average house hunters. New jobs or tax benefits are just a couple of the reasons that motivate serious purchasers to take time out of their holiday schedule to find a new home. You’ll have better luck if you keep times and contract terms (such as move-in/move-out schedules) flexible.

Holiday Appeal

Even the most scholarly buyer who has put in hours of research will ultimately reach a conclusion based on one thing: whether or not the home feels right. That isn’t to say that price and condition aren’t factors at all, but once those initial conditions have been met, it all comes down to how homey the house feels. Since your home is already decked out for the holidays, it looks and feels great. Warm lights, garland, pine cones and other seasonal decor recall happy memories. Simmer a pot of warm apple cider on the stove and offer some during an open house or buyer walkthrough. Throw in a peeled orange studded with cloves and a stick or two of cinnamon for a cozy Christmas scent that’s sure to delight the senses as well.

Holiday Selling Tips

Try these tips to make the best of your holiday house selling.
  • Simplify. Christmas clutter is still clutter. Ask your real estate agent to look things over and recommend a more polished look both indoors and outside.
  • Coordinate. Don’t use clashing colors to decorate. For instance, a cool blue living room will look much better with pale blue and white or gold globes or snowflakes than with bright red bows and tons of greenery.
  • Highlight. Use decorations to bring attention to your home’s features; a Christmas candle or menorah in a bay window, or a sprig of mistletoe in a beautiful archway. Avoid obscuring French doors or paned windows with stick-on decals or spray snow.

Bottom Line

Depending on your family’s schedule, the holidays may or may not be the right time to sell your home. If you decide to remain on the market, take advantage of the season’s dedicated buyers and lowered competition to put your home at the forefront. If you’re still not sure, give me a call today!! I will show you how I will get the most Holiday exposure for your home! Need some help staging for the Holidays? I certainly can help you with that as well!!

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**Article provided by Wingwire.