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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home Makeover Planning Tips

makeoverThere’s something about the start of a new year that inspires a fresh start. Many homeowners will choose to give their homes a facelift in 2015. Whether you’ve budgeted all year long or are planning a splurge with your tax return, it’s important to plan ahead when making major changes to your decor. Use these tips to make sure the transition to your home’s new look goes smoothly.

Determine Your Priorities

Are you just revamping or going for a major overhaul? Are you going to start with the living room, the kitchen or the master bath? Deciding what you want to do helps you set a budget and is the first step toward creating your makeover plan.

Measure Everything

Have you heard the saying, “measure twice, cut once”? There’s good reason for it. The last thing you want is a piece that won’t fit through your doorway. Measure the room’s dimensions and each door and window at its smallest point. While you’re at it, take the measurements of your existing furniture too. Those figures will come in handy for the next step.

Put it on Paper

Use the measurements you took to map out the room on graph paper. Use a second piece of paper to draw approximations of your current furniture pieces (drawn to the same scale) and cut them out. Now you can rearrange with minimal effort. While it won’t be quite the same as the real thing, you can get a good idea of how things will look without moving your giant entertainment center for the tenth time.

Create a Lookbook

Paint chips, fabric swatches, printed web pages and magazine photos should all go into your lookbook. Not only will it help you stick with a clear vision of the room’s intended purpose and ambiance, but you can take it with you to the home improvement store or furniture showroom for comparison. If you include your floor plan and mock-up furniture pieces, you’ll also have a better sense of scale when you’re considering specific pieces.

Make a Budget

A lot of people don’t like the word, but a realistic budget is your friend. Without it, even a simple makeover can venture into thousands of dollars or more. Allocating specific amounts to painting, window treatments, furniture and artwork gives you the freedom to choose where to spend your hard earned cash. Don’t think of it as being written in stone either. If you can cut corners and save a bundle in one area, you can reallocate funds for big ticket items in another category. Similarly, if you see a must-have couch or kitchen table that’s just a bit out of your price range, finding less expensive DIY options for window treatments may free up the needed funds.

Practice Makes Perfect

Planning ahead doesn’t lock you into rigid guidelines, but frees your time and resources to be spent in the way that best benefits you and makes your home look great. Once you’ve decided on the look you want, your budget, and the correct scale for new pieces, it’s much easier to make your selections. Not sure if you should remodel, refresh or stage your home?  Give me a call and together we can go over your options. A little or a lot, I will be able to walk you through the process. If you’re coming back to the desert this winter, why not start refreshing your Desert home now, so it’s all ready for your arrival!!

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Are You a Desert Area Boomer?

baby boomers

Here’s C.A.R.’s “2014 Baby Boomer Survey”:

According to a recent survey the wealthiest generation is the Baby Boomers and the first to drive the housing market, baby boomers will continue to be a pillar of the housing market, according to a 2014 CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) survey of California baby boomers* (born between 1946 and 1964):
  • Nearly all homeowners (92%) have equity in their home, but 77% said they don’t plan to use the home equity for income during retirement.
  • More than half of homeowner boomers (59%) don’t plan to sell their home when they retire, with 78% of them indicating they won’t sell because they like their current home.
  • Out of the 10% of current homeowners who plan on selling their home when they retire, nearly half (47%) plan to downsize to a smaller home, and 44% plan to move out of California.
  • Despite the recent economic recession, only one in four baby boomers had to postpone retirement.  On average, they plan to retire in nine years, with 67% saying they plan to retire within 10 years.
  • Three in 10 baby boomers live with their children, with 2% saying they moved in with their children; 8% of them saying their children moved back in with them; and 21% saying their children never moved out.  The majority of those living with their children live with adult children mainly due to their children’s financial troubles.  Baby boomers pay for a majority of living expenses, with their children only contributing a median of $325 monthly for living expenses.
  • Improved affordability would motivate boomer renters to buy a home, but 37% said they don’t want to buy.
  • Less than half of boomer renters (47%) have debt that would prevent them from buying a home.

Friday, January 23, 2015

PPG Pittsburgh Paints' Color of the Year Blue Paisley

PPG Pittsburgh Paints' Color of the Year Blue Paisley

Blue Paisley as seen on Pinterest

Blue Paisley has been announced as the color of 2015 by Pittsburgh Paints. It is a bold blue with just a hint of green and has a bohemian look to it. It promises to liven up bland rooms and replace neutral tones with light and vibrancy. As with any bold color, the trick to making it work is knowing how and when to use it and what to pair it with.

The Color Palette

Because Blue Paisley is such a bold color, you’ll want to pair it with more subtle colors that won’t compete with it. Blue and yellow have always gone well together, but this time around choose a more golden yellow that allows the blue to stand out.
Let it be the only color in a room of neutrals. It works equally well with gray as with white. The cool tones can tone down the vibrancy of the blue while allowing it to take center stage.

Where to Use It

Blue Paisley is ideal as an accent wall opposite cream, gray or white walls. Add a touch of elegance by placing gold-framed artwork or mirrors on top of this vivid shade.
Use it in a bedroom behind a white fabric headboard to make both shades stand out. It also works well as a tablecloth against white fabric chairs. Pairing white and blue brings a freshness that can add energy without being too overwhelming to the eye.
This is a color that can work in any room. It adds a cool touch to a bedroom, livens up a living room, and creates a pleasant space in a kitchen or even the bathroom.

How to Use the Color

It fits in with almost any theme or design style. The bright hue has a global look that has very few limitations. The one rule to follow in most cases is to use it in small doses rather than making it a major player in any room.
Blue Paisley works equally well with silver or gold accent pieces. While it is most often thought of as a paint color for your walls, you might be surprised at how lovely it looks on a nightstand or end table. Look for fabric in this shade for pillows or drapes for a room. This is a fabulous idea for anyone who is a little afraid of committing to such a bold color choice for the long-term. Pillows, bed linens and curtains can be easily replaced without costing a fortune.
It has been a rough period in many aspects of people’s lives. From a tight economy to foreclosures and job losses, the last few years have been hard on a lot of people. Blue Paisley evokes a sense of positivity and hope – two emotions that people need for the future. This color inspires and encourages. Use it to brighten your home and put a smile on your face.
 Best Uses for the Boho Blue Color of 2015
Pretty overwhelming, right? Choosing the color scheme of your home doesn't have to be. I can help choose the colors, design, layout and furnishings to showcase your home in the best possible way.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home in the Desert

artworkPerhaps you’re an art enthusiast and want to give your home an air of sophistication. Maybe you see art as a smart investment, but want to choose a piece that will look great with your decor. If you’re new to selecting art for your home, read through these tips to get an idea of what to look for and how to display it.

Familiarize Yourself with Good Art

Most people who consider purchasing art for their home aren’t necessarily aficionados. Get a feel for the type of art you enjoy. Attend local gallery viewings or art festivals and visit a few museums. You’ll get a feel for what appeals to you the most; whether it’s the interplay of light, specific lines and structures, or the juxtaposition of color. Great art doesn’t have to come from one of the masters. There are plenty of undiscovered artists with amazing talent.

Choose the Ambiance

Most art lovers will tell you that when a piece resonates with them, it tugs at their soul. “It speaks to me,” they may say, or “it draws me in.” Art is the expression of emotion in visual form. Each piece projects its own ambiance. It may speak of triumph over adversity, of joy and peace, or of warmth and friendship. Think of your chosen artwork as a type of welcome mat, and ask yourself what it would say to guests entering your home.

Mirror Your Space

Where will you hang your new painting or display your sculpture? Consider the available space for its placement. You’ll want to leave some white space for a visual rest, but fill enough of the space so the painting isn’t dwarfed by it. Mirror the size of your display space with that of the piece. A long, thin wall benefits from a painting of similar size, or a sculpture with similar proportions. Likewise, a short, wide space above your mantel is best filled with a painting that echoes those dimensions.

Plan Lighting Carefully

The lighting for your art display should subtly draw the eye toward it without being too obvious. Consult a lighting designer or ask the gallery assistant how best to display it. Be cautious about hanging pieces under glass in direct natural light. The glare can obscure the piece, marring its presence. Museum quality, non-reflective glass is pricey, but may be worth it to showcase your treasure.

Choose a Frame That Echoes Your Decor

Mix and match modern and traditional styles as you please. Even if a modern painting doesn’t look like it goes with your traditional style, the frame you choose creates a tie-in that helps the piece blend subtly and seamlessly with your decor. Look around the room for elements to recreate in the frame. Have you used a specific wood finish? Maybe there are bronzed or gold accent lamps scattered throughout your living room. Use details like these when selecting a frame to give your canvas a sense of unity with the rest of the room. When you choose the right piece of artwork for your home, it serves as a conversation piece as well as an expression of your individuality. Take the time to select a quality piece that appeals to you and creates the atmosphere you want portrayed in your home. Not sure what kind of art would work in your home?  Give me a call and together we can go over your options and what would be best each particular room.

Art around La Quinta:

There are also many other studios and galleries sprinkled around the Desert area. *Article provided by Wingwire.

Humana Challenge January 21 - 25, 2015


Humana Challenge 2015

You know it's time to get back to the Desert when the temperatures are below zero where you are and we're getting ready for the Humana Challenge here. Better get here soon - before you get frost bite or miss out on a great line-up of golfers!! There will be 156 Professional Players this year for the final Humana sponsored event. According to, "Pro-Am play for first 54 holes. Each of the 156 pros will play with a different amateur partner each day on different courses for three days. On Sunday, the low 70 professionals and ties will play the final round of the 72-hole PGA TOUR tournament at the Palmer Private at PGA WEST. Continued this year, the top three low net and low gross amateurs will play alongside the pros on Sunday to determine who the overall winners will be. The overall low net amateur and low gross amateur playing on Sunday will be awarded crystal as the 2015 Humana Challenge Amateur Champion after play on Sunday."

Click Here for the Tournament Schedule

Tournament Courses

Arnold Palmer Private at PGA WEST (Host Course)

Palmer Private Course

Jack Nicklaus Private at PGA WEST

Nicklaus Private

La Quinta Country Club

LQCC Course Map

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**Above information is from Please visit their site for more information and details.