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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Creating Continuity with Color in La Quinta

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The increasing popularity of open floor plans in today’s homes presents some unique decorating challenges. How do you give each room an individual focus without its colors clashing with the decor in the rooms adjoining it? Use these tips to create a unified look in your home.

Ribbon of Color

Perhaps the easiest way to form a connection between the rooms of your home is to use a single color in varying amounts for each room. Most people choose a neutral color, but “neutral” has been redefined for the twenty-first century. Rather than being limited to shades of white, black and brown, neutral colors now run the gamut from pale, cloudy blues to warm, earthy grays.
  • Here are a few methods you can use to incorporate a single color in your decorating scheme.
  • Use your chosen hue to paint the trim in each room.
  • Change it up a bit. You might use the same shade on the walls in one room, in furniture pieces in another, and in accessories like throw pillows or rugs elsewhere.
  • If you do use a predominant color in one room, vary the textures to keep it visually interesting.

Perfect Trifecta

Colors work well in groups of three. If you remember the color wheel from your elementary school art days, you know that there are a variety of combinations to be achieved. Three hues that are next to each other form an analogous palette. Add a little more drama by switching an analogous color for one directly opposite your other choices; a split complimentary combo. Finally, a triad provides the highest contrast with color selections spaced equally apart in thirds on the color wheel. Just because you decide to stick to three colors doesn’t mean you have to paint every room the exact same shades. Experiment with the intensity of those shades. You might choose more vibrant values for a child’s playroom and more sophisticated hues for your living or dining area.

Additional Ideas

Now that you know how to choose colors that blend well together, try these suggestions to add personality to each room while maintaining your home’s flow.
  • Lighting plays a big part in how a color looks on your walls. You can emphasize this effect by using a lighter shade in an area with more natural light and a slightly darker one in an artificially lit area; you can mitigate the effect by reversing those choices.
  • Furniture should contrast your walls. If it doesn’t, use darker shades on walls and lighter ones for furniture, or vice versa. Remember, in a monochromatic color scheme, rich texture is a must to keep your decor from looking bland.
  • If you want to display artworkor a cherished piece, contrast color or brightness to make it really pop.
Evoking a feeling of continuity in your home is easy once you understand the role that color plays. Experiment with pattern, texture and shade values to unify the rooms in your home. Not sure if you should remodel, refresh or stage your home?  Give me a call and together we can go over your options. A little or a lot, I will be able to walk you through the process. If you’re coming back to the desert this winter, why not start refreshing your Desert home now, so it’s all ready for your arrival!!

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*article provided by Wingwire