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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Do you know what DOESN’T work when staging your Home in the Desert?

While we’re still on the subject of staging your home, I’d like to touch base on what doesn’t work ….

[social]Spending money on renovations that don’t work.

As tempting as it is to make all those updates you were meaning to do … don’t do them now just because you’re listing your home. (Unless it is for a repair.) Instead of a complete cabinet replacement, perhaps a few handles and knobs will freshen up your home. New linens or paint also go a long way to making a home look updated.

couchLeaving old furniture behind.

When you’ve already purchased your new place before you other has sold, it’s so tempting to take your best stuff to the new home; leaving the older stuff to either convey with the home or store there until the home sells. Your home on the market should be well furnished (staged) or completely empty. Any furniture just left behind will look as if the home was abandoned and not in a good light at all.

foodUsing smells to cover up smells.

Nothing turns off a buyer than a strong whiff of air freshener or cleaner. I know your home is supposed to be clean, but sometimes it can smell “too” clean … like you’re masking something. Keep your home clean, but don’t spray disinfectant around right before a showing. Let the home smell clean because it is clean. Also, don’t put vanilla on the light bulbs or burn candles. Again – buyers could presume you’re hiding something.

Playing Music during a showing or Open House.

Don’t. Not only could your taste not be the same as the potential buyer/s viewing your home, but it just may be copyright infringement. Best to keep the tunes and tv off.

A Bland Room

As I have mentioned before, when listing your home, you will need to declutter. This generally means removing anything and everything personal – photos, trophies, grandkid’s artwork … just until you move into your new home. However, sometimes this makes a room look too bland. A professional stager will highlight your home’s best attributes and make things pop. Simple things like colorful pillows or a flower arrangement makes a room inviting instead of humdrum.
So, if you want to know more about staging your home or have questions about what remodel or renovation could help the sale of your home, call me today. I have tips and suggestions showing you exactly how you’ll benefit from staging your home to sell!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Staging Tips to sell your home in the Desert

stagingEver wonder what kind of home in the Desert brings the most interest, get top dollar, and sells the quickest?

It just may be a home that is “Staged”.

Our busiest season coming up, the real estate market soon to be gaining momentum in the Desert, making this a great time to get your home ready to sell.

Here are some tips in staging your home to sell in the Desert:

  • Neutralize Most people think that staging is about decorating, this is not the case.  Youare trying to appeal to the average buyer and if they make an emotional attachment to your home they will see themselves living there.  This is often missed and is a BIG part of staging.
  • Declutter:  By rearranging or storing furniture, thinning out your closets, and reducing the things on your bookshelf can change a room.  Too much clutter in a room will prevent a buyer from seeing the beauty of the room or its size.
  •  Remove Distractions:  You want to buyer to see your home and not your things so by storing your collections and family pictures a buyers won’t feel like they are invading your space.  Also, don’t forget to store anything that may seem offensive for example something religious, political, guns, or animal trophies hanging on the wall.
  •  Rejuvenate:  By putting a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, washing windows, or replacing worn out fixtures can go a long way.  A buyer sees these as something they have to replace and may start to subtract from your asking price or if it think it is to much they could walk away.  Buyers want a move-in ready homes.
If staging sounds like too big of a task, consider hiring a professional stager. Hiring a stager just may be cheaper than a price reduction or stuck with paying for two mortgages later.  Additionally if the home is vacant, it won’t show well, you may want to consider renting furniture.
Staged homes sell for a larger profit and sell in nearly half the time on in La Quinta and Desert area.  A notable difference, indeed.
So, if you want to know if you stage your home or have questions about how your home may measure up with the other homes, call me today. I have the tips and suggestions showing you exactly how you can listyour home with me to sell now!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do you use the internet when searching for your Home on the Desert?

buyers social media

According to the 2014 Survey of California Home Buyers:

  • More than 77% of home buyers used social media in their home search

Buyers said they primarily used social media to obtain buying tips and suggestions from:

  • Friends (44%)
  • Neighborhood information (44%)
  • View their agents’ Facebook pages (42%).
  • 91% of California home buyers said they used a mobile device to access the Internet during the course of their home purchase.
  • Buyers also used their mobile devices to look for comparable home prices (78%)
  • Search for homes (45%)
  • Take photos of neighborhoods, homes, and amenities (43%).
Conversely, with the increased use of social media, fewer buyers “Googled” their agent (50% in 2014, down from 68% in 2013), turning to agents’ Facebook pages instead.
Whether you’re here in the Desert of across the United States, finding the right home in La Quinta and the surrounding areas has gotten that much easier using the internet and email. Not sure which sites to use? Call me today and I will set up a search for you! OR click here – it’s as easy as that!

Let’s start today so you can enjoy winters in the Desert!!

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