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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Now is the time to hunt for bargains!

Desert Luxury Realty
You don’t have to have anyone going back to school to take advantage of some of the best deals of the season. If your home office is in need of some items, it’s best to pick it up now. You’ll find great deals at any of our local big box and office supply stores for paper, notebooks, pens, and lunch boxes (which are fabric and lined making them great totes for taking your favorite dish to a luncheon). Also, back pack and computer case prices are slashed right now. These make very handy carry-ons which you can just sling over your shoulder as your run through the airports.

Dorm décor – now don’t laugh. If you’re going to spruce up your home to sell, it’s a great way to add a lot of color for not a lot of money – rugs, lamps, towels and sheets. Even little knick knacks will add to any décor.

Laptops. Back to school laptops at disposable prices. You may think the prices may be better around the Holidays, but if you’re need a laptop or two, you may want to check them out now.
computer bagAlso, luggage is a good thing to purchase now. Earlier in the spring/summer stores were stocking up on luggage, and now that the traveling time of year is all but over, stores want to get rid of these to make room for Halloween/Christmas items.

Totes and storage boxes. Think college students . Stores are brimming with great deals on storage totes – often in bright colors to match their dorm décor. If you’re looking at organizing, now is the time to stock up on totes and boxes.

Would you believe 55” 3D HDTV’s are the lowest price of the season since November of LAST year??? May want to check it out – football season starts in September!


Tablets – laptops, yes, tablets no. You may want to wait until after the new releases are out in September.
Smartphones – wait until the new ones come out and then wait a little longer for them to work the bugs out of them.

32” TV’s – wait until September when stores generally reduce prices lower then than on Black Friday.
Do you know what IS a great thing to purchase right now in the Desert – homes. Even though the price of homes in the Desert and California real estate market, they will continue to increase. Buying now, even if it’s a bit higher than a few months ago, is actually better than buying in a few months when home prices and interest rates could be even higher.

If you can stand the heat, now is a great time to look for a home in the Desert – there are a lot of great homes listed on the MLS and as pocket listings. Call me today at 760-567-7282 and let’s get started!