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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Business Etiquette for Today

Business Etiquette for TodayMany things have changed in business, from email replacing letters to social networks replacing many forms of advertising. However, in this world of change, a few things still remain the same. That includes etiquette. With today’s business world moving at the speed of light, this word often sounds antiquated. However, unlike old paint colors or fashion, manners never go out of style. Here are a few rules that are as relevant today as they were in the past.

Say Thank You
In the past, when someone had a meeting or job interview, they sent a follow-up thank you note. More and more people are forgetting that piece of etiquette in the busyness of their lives. However, it is still just as appropriate (and essential) to send a thank you note after meeting with a prospective employer or potential client.
Know People’s Names
More people are conducting business through the internet because of convenience. Even though they may never meet these people, they should still take the time to learn something about them. Whether it’s a client, customer, vendor, contractor, or employee, they need to know their names. Building relationships is even more important when working long distance.
Be Focused
In a world filled with cool and helpful technology, it’s easy to get distracted. However, when you’re involved in a conversation with someone, you need to ignore those distractions and focus on the person. Turn off your phone, and don’t look at your email. People still want to know that they’re important. This is a rule that should be followed in client meetings, staff meetings, board sessions, and any other event where you’re speaking with another person.
Remember the Handshake
Business communication has gotten much more relaxed than in years past. However, it is still a good idea to shake hands with someone at the beginning of the meeting, especially if they’re someone you’ve never met before. It’s a sign of professionalism and trustworthiness. While no one would seal a deal based solely on a handshake, it carries a certain image that you want to convey to the people you do business with.
Remember Basic Politeness
Because business interactions are not as formal as they used to be, it’s all too easy to let politeness slide. Instead, stand out from the crowd by saying “Please” and “thank you” when warranted. Also, let the other person finish their thought before you speak. Be on time for meetings and functions. It shows that you respect other people’s time. And while many things have changed, the topics of religion and politics should never be discussed in a business environment. Those are things that should only be discussed amongst your personal friends.
While many things in business change, including the method of communication, certain behaviors should stay the same. It is still important that you respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated.